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DK and The Happy Foodie: Putting Powerful Pulse Recipes to the Test

DK and The Happy Foodie: Putting Powerful Pulse Recipes to the Test

If there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s a delicious recipe and a plate piled high! Here at DK, we recently teamed up with the brilliant people at The Happy Foodie, to put our superfood cookbook Power Pulses to the most delicious type of test.

This fun and flexible guide is chock-full of 150 vegetarian recipes that make the most of popular – and powerful – pulses, the lentils, beans, chickpeas and peas that pack a hefty health-boosting punch.

A handful of our DK team members put on their home chef hats to try out some recipes from the book. They discovered how easy, delicious, and beneficial it can be to include pulses as part of everyday meals

Read the original feature here over at The Happy Foodie, or check out our extracts below.

1. Dal Bolognese | Hayley Cox, Press Officer

"I am a bit of a pulses novice. The closest I've come to successfully incorporating these nutritious little superfoods into my diet is tentatively picking up a tin of chickpeas in the supermarket every now and again, and almost certainly not doing them justice when I get them home. Enter Power Pulses."

Dal Bolognese

"I tested the Dal Bolognese which was tasty, comforting and so simple to make. It only required the use of one pan (bonus!) and it was pretty much a case of throwing everything in and leaving it to simmer away for just over half an hour. The addition of nutmeg is genius. I've made plenty of bolognese sauces before but the subtle warmth of even just a quarter of a teaspoon added a new depth of flavour that really enriched the sauce."

2. Sumac Roasted Chickpeas | Sarah-Jane Wilson, Publicity Assistant

Sumac Roasted Chickpeas

"I’m a vegetarian, and though I do try to include protein-rich beans, eggs and meat replacements in all of my meals, I often rely on wolfing down handfuls of nuts at the end of the day to make sure I’m adding enough protein into my diet. This is where the Power Pulses recipe for Sumac Roasted Chickpeas comes in. With a five-minute prep time, these speedy roasted chickpeas are the perfect replacement for my nightly nut snack. Chickpeas have a similar amount of protein to mixed nuts but are far lower in fat, and most importantly, when roasted in lemon juice and sumac, taste incredible."

3. Spiced Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie | Fran Gizauskas, Senior Press Officer

"I’m always looking for twists on a classic, and when a couple of friends popped round for dinner I was instantly drawn to the Spiced Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie. I’ve never attempted a vegetarian version of this classic crowd pleaser, and with a simple list of ingredients, this looked like the perfect mid-week to try."

Spiced Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

"It was so easy to put together; whilst boiling the sweet potato until tender, I fried an onion and garlic together until soft, and then added the green lentils. Using just a few spices which I had in the cupboard – turmeric, ground cumin, garam masala and curry powder – the flavours combined to transform the green lentils into a fragrant, warming filling. I added stock to the mix and cooked for a few more minutes.

The result? A really delicious, simple dish enjoyed by all. Lentils make the perfect, hearty substitute for mince, absorbing all the flavour of the spices and keeping a lovely texture. The dish was really light but still gave that same comforting feeling that devouring a good shepherd’s pie should."

4. Courgette and Butter Bean Fritters | Poppy Izzard, Marketing Assistant

"These butter bean and courgette fritters looked like the ideal meal prep solution after a busy weekend - easy to make, filling, and no expensive or hard-to-find ingredients. Power Pulses is definitely my kind of cookbook - a way to use up the many cans of chickpeas languishing at the back of my cupboard, and in this case the vegetarian fritters doubled up as a quick Sunday dinner and a Monday lunch."

Courgette and Butter Bean Fritters

"The courgette and butter bean fritters recipe was super simple, and the most exertion was grating the courgettes. Everything else (butter beans, egg, basil, breadcrumbs, lemon zest) went into the blender for less than a minute, and then I mixed everything together with the courgettes in a bowl. It genuinely took about five minutes! The next step was the fun part, rolling patties then frying them up for three minutes on each side.

I scaled down the ingredients and made 8 patties where the recipe suggests 12. Even though some were destined for the lunchbox I couldn't resist trying them straight away and they were delicious! The texture is ideal, leaving them crumbly on the outside and soft and hot on the inside. This was a breeze to make and a treat to eat, and I'll definitely be using it again."


To read the full feature, head on over to The Happy Foodie. To discover more delicious pulse-powered recipes, pick up Power Pulses. Packed with mouth-watering photography and easy 'pulse exchange' options, this superfood guide allows you to personalise each recipe according to your tastes. Revolutionise your diet with lentils, dry peas, beans, and chickpea recipes that deliver powerful protein and heart-healthy benefits.

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