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LEGO® Batman’s Wardrobe: The LEGO® Batman Movie

LEGO® Batman’s Wardrobe: The LEGO® Batman Movie

Whatever Batman’s doing, he has an outfit ready for the occasion. His iconic black Batsuit is the most famous, but there are many more that he wears for training, action, or just chilling out. Here’s a small selection from his bat closet… all washed, pressed, and waiting for the Dark Knight to slip into.

1. Tuxedo party

Batman has a jazzy range of tuxedo suits. He has a tuxedo dress-up party when he just can’t decide which one to wear.

2. Raging Batsuit

Batman has punch lines for all the Joker’s jokes when he laces on his purple boxing gloves. Pow!

3. Clan of the Cave Batman

Even a sophisticated Super Hero like Batman sometimes likes to unleash the caveman within!

4. Scu-Batsuit

There’s no time to take a breather on underwater missions. Luckily, this scuba suit is equipped with an oxygen mask.

5. Glam Metal Batman

Batman is a heavy metal rapping machine, as this flamboyant silvery suit with spiked epaulets shows.

6. Vacation Batman

Batman makes sure his vacation goes swimmingly with this wetsuit, flippers, and duck inflatable ring.

7. Bat-Pack Batsuit

Batman likes to express the showman side of his personality in this gold, Las Vegas-style suit.

8. Fairy Batman

Batman’s wish for Gotham City’s villains to disappear might just come true with a wave of his magic wand.

9. Lobster-Lovin' Batman

Alone in Wayne Manor, Batman slips into something comfortable, yet still stylish – a dark red silk robe.

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