How to Survive the Christmas Holidays with DK Books

How to Survive the Christmas Holidays with DK Books

It goes without saying that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – but it’s also one of the most stressful! For every beautiful carol and delicious mince pie, it feels like there’s a social obstacle and a planning hiccup ready to pounce. 

No need to fear, though! We’ve got you covered for all your Christmas conundrums. Here are a few ways you can use DK books to surmount these unique festive challenges, and navigate some of those tricky social turns. Here’s how to…

1. Deflect criticism of your eating habits

When someone makes a comment about how much you’ve eaten at Christmas dinner (or how well you’ve helped yourself to the buffet at a Christmas party, etc., etc. – this one is very versatile), just explain that you’ve been brushing up on your sleight of hand with The Magic Show Book. You haven’t eaten all that food, you’ve simply (and impressively) made it disappear.

When they look at you strangely, pat them gently on the shoulder and assure them that it’s far too complex for them to understand. Carry a top hat and a long, multi-coloured scarf with you at all times, just in case.

2. Get out of an awkward dinner conversation

If you get stuck next to a less-than-ideal conversational partner at the dinner table, change the subject and impress them with an incredible fact about the natural world. For example, that the bearded pygmy chameleon can fire its tongue at its prey in one-hundredth of a second – 1,000 times faster than a sports car can accelerate. The action-packed It Can’t Be True 2! has hundreds of facts like this to choose from, so you’ll never run dry.

Look, it worked! They’ve already forgotten what they were talking about, and are offering you the last helping of Christmas pudding.

3. Sooth Christmas travel stress

As everyone heads home for the Christmas holidays, trains and planes can be packed and delayed! If you find yourself stuck in a small space with strangers, feel free to enlist the help of Great City Maps and The Classic Car Book. With a bit of teamwork and imagination, you can all picture yourselves on a wide, open seaside road in a 1954 Ford Thunderbird, or strolling the streets of 18th century Barcelona.

You’ll be at your stop before you know it!

4. Get your pick of the leftovers

Have your eye on a particularly delicious-looking piece of leftover Christmas turkey? Here’s a trick. Gather the family outside in the garden with your brand new copy of The Stars, and expertly show them how to find and identify various constellations in the night sky. While they’re all distracted and staring skyward in awe, run inside and go wild for the leftover roast.

5. Kill time during those post-Christmas lulls

While it’s lovely to kick back and relax over the holidays, it’s just as easy to go a bit stir-crazy after too much time indoors. To liven things up, play a name game, naming each of your family members after a geological or historical period with the help of Big History.

For example, “Neolithic Uncle Neil” and “Paleozoic Pam”. Extra points if they’re all still speaking to you by the end of the night.


Enough silliness! This Christmas, we have a book to delight any reader, with a wide range of gorgeous and informative new titles. Take the wheel with The Classic Car Book, or stroll through the streets of some Great City Maps (no sat nav included). And if it’s eons and epics you’re after, The Stars has star power and Big History’s got plot twists you won’t want to miss. No matter the adventure, there’s a place in these pages for you.

Image credit: Chameleon (Dorling Kindersley: Twan Leenders)

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